Alcohol problems

Drinking too much, too often?
Take Control Back

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Stop smoking & vaping

Quit Smoking/Vaping for a Healthier Life Stay Smokefree & Vapefree 

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To book your 1st Session or Free Initial Consultation  09 360 1111/09 630 6331 

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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis & NLP

Alcohol program, binge drinking, alcoholism, addiction
Stop smoking & vaping
Quit smoking & vaping - stay free for health & fitness
Worry, negativity, panic attacks, trauma, highly sensitive HSP
Phobias & Fears
Social anxiety, flying, needles, driving, vomit, heights etc
Fear of flying
Flying phobia, anxiety, fear, nervousness
Problem gambling, pokies, sport, internet - addiction
Self confidence, self esteem, self worth, sensitivity
Public speaking
Presentations, speeches, interviews, social anxiety
Insomnia, getting to sleep and back to sleep, bruxism, sleep talking, walking
Weight loss
Healthier eating, controlling sugar & snacks, enjoying exercise
Irritable bowel IBS, sexual issues, pain, skin
Nail biting, picking, hair pulling, trichotillomania etc
Sports performance
Tennis, golf, cricket, bowls, ironman, swimming etc
Emotional issues
Anger, grief, guilt, shame, past issues, trauma, sensitivity
At work, family, socially
Stress management
Relaxation, self hypnosis, mindfulness
Memory, focus, concentration, revision, exams
Achieving goals - work, sport, study - procrastination
Drugs, Addictions
Drugs habits, marijuana, pornography, sugar, coffee, coke
Hypnosis and Neuroscience: Dr Andrew Huberman

NLP & mBIT Coaching

Success in business
Achieving goals, purpose, leadership, communication
Career development
Skills, time management, communication skills
Sports performance
Confidence, focus, self belief, consistency. motivation
Relationship coaching
Better communication, kindness & compassion, listening
Personal development
Sense of self, quality of life, resourcefulness, be at choice
Finding your purpose
Being true to yourself; aligning head, heart, gut intelligences

Free Recordings

Dave generally makes a recording on your 1st session focusing on the specific changes you want to make.

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Dave Gilbert PhD

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What Clients Say

"I have been alcohol free since the session [4 months ago] and feel really good.... thank you."J 2016

"... I just want to say thank you for helping me and my husband. You've completely changed our lives!" J 2015

"... I have been smoke free now for 55 days and I am so happy ..." L 2017

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