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Lack of confidence affects many people, adults and children alike, in many areas of life.  Hypnotherapy, self hypnosis and NLP have helped people to overcome nervousness, meet challenges more effectively and generally enjoy life more.

Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is a very common problem. It can arise from just lack of experience and as a result of earlier uncomfortable or embarrassing experiences. Speaking to an audience is important in work situations eg presentations to clients, bosses or team members, for students presenting projects and in social situations eg wedding speeches or just being part of the group.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help with confidence and self-belief for public speaking.  Some clients also need help with structuring a presentation or speech, or developing better communication skills. For most people, learning to breathe better when speaking can be a big help.

Speaking Clearly

Hypnotherapy and coaching may be able to help clients to speak more clearly.  In some cases speech impediments  (eg stuttering etc) have occured from past emotional issues - often in childhood.  Resolving these issues may help with clearer speech.   Speaking English clearly as a second language can also be challenging and I have worked with a number of clients to improve their communication.

Social Confidence

Many clients have told me that they feel uncomfortable in social situations experiencing social anxiety especially when meeting new people. Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP can help with staying more relaxed, self-assured and assertive as well as being more comfortable and more skilled in conversation.


I have helped a number of clients over the years to deal better with bullies at work, in family or social situations.   Learning to see situations differently, increasing courage and finding different ways communicate and behave can all help.  Developing self confidence and learning to be more assertive can also make a difference.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Self esteem is an issue I work with frequently - quite often with clients who are sensitive people; self esteem can even be a problem for those people who appear to others to be really confident. Increasing feelings of self-worth and developing a stronger sense of self can make a real difference in how you feel, how you relate to others and how you meet challenges in life. Self-esteem and assertiveness generally go hand in hand as people who feel good about themselves more easily ask for what they want and know how to say no.

Exams, Driving Tests, Interviews

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP have long been used to help with confidence and self-assurance for exams, driving tests, interviews and other challenging situations. Clients tell me that being calmer not only feels better but also improves performance.

Music, Performance, Sport

Confidence is often an issue for musicians, actors and other performers - both the well established and students.  It can be an issue for sports people too.  Clients have used hypnotherapy and NLP to remove the blocks and develop greater self belief, confidence and inner calmness to enhance performance and of course to make things much more rewarding.


Speaking Confidently

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