Alcohol Treatment Programme - Hypnotherapy Hypnosis & NLP Coaching with Dave Gilbert PhD in Auckland NZ

Alcohol problems are a growing concern in NZ: drinking too much, drinking too often, binge drinking, or alcohol dependence and addiction.  For some people the problem is the amount and/or frequency of alcohol use, for others it is also the resulting behaviour.

Dave Gilbert has extensive experience in helping clients with alcohol problems using Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.  Dave's alcohol treatment clients often make changes quickly and typically report how great they feel to be back in control!

Alcohol - Problem Drinking, Binge Drinking

Problem drinking can cause a range of negative effects including health risks, weight problems, blackouts or not remembering, hangovers, and not being able to function properly at work or at home.  There are also safety issues, the dangers of drink driving and in some cases problems of abusive behaviour to other people, often family or friends.
For some clients it is a case of just not knowing how or when to stop.  For others, drinking too much has become a habit or an addiction (alcoholism).  Many clients I work with need to learn to control alcohol - to reduce the quantity and/or frequency of alcohol use.  Others however need to quit drinking altogether and stay alcohol free.  For some people working with underlying problems such as stress or emotional issues is an important part of the process. 

Health Promotion Agency information on alcohol issues is available at


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What Clients Say

"I have been alcohol free since the session with you [4 months ago] and feel really good.... thank you." J 2016

"Day 51 alcohol free... I'm so much happier & healthier without it." F 2016

[After getting in control of alcohol] "All is well with me... Thank you so much... Life is amazing!" L 2016

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