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Hypnosis, hypnotherapy & NLP are increasingly being used to help with health issues and wellbeing.  Here are some examples.

Habits: Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Eyebrow & Eyelash Plucking Etc.

Nail biting can be a nuisance - for an adult or a child - and clients often mention that they don't like others to see their nails or to see them biting.  Hypnosis can be used to help subconsious get the message that it is much better to leave nails alone!

Trichotillomania is the name for hair pulling, eyelash or eyebrow plucking.  For some people this is merely an irritation but for others it can be much more serious resulting in hair loss etc.

Thumb Sucking is an issue for some children (and sometimes adults).  People generally seem to grow out of it but using hypnotherapy can help this to happen more quickly.

Relaxation and Stress Management including Self Hypnosis

Stress can occur from many situations such as pressure at work, family problems, money worries, poor health etc.  Stress can also result from trauma and be of either short or long duration.  Poor memory and concentration, negative thoughts, anxiety, irritability, moodiness, poor sleep, aches and pains and dizziness are some of the symptoms.  Stress can also lead to burn out where the person might struggle to cope with even the most mundane tasks.

Dealing with stress often involves two steps: firstly identifying and changing external factors; and secondly learning to respond more resourcefull and stay more relaxed.  Hypnotherapy & NLP can be used to help with both.

Self Hypnosis is an excellent technique for relaxtion: it is quick and easy to learn and to use.  I have taught many clients instant self hypnosis. Self hypnosis can be used just to relax, to help to get to sleep, at the dentist etc: some clients also continue to make and reinforce positive changes using affirmations and visualisation in self hypnosis.  I also help clients to learn and practice mindfulness - being in the moment.

Physical Problems

Hypnotherapy has been used to help with numerous physical issues including skin problems, IBS, pain. Sometimes just learning to be more relaxed can be a big help and for others helping to focus the subconscious mind to improve natural healing processes is the key.  In the UK, a hypnotherapy centre funded by the National Health Service has been set up at the University Hospital in Manchester  Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis have also been used to help with relaxation and a postive mind set before and after operations, and for pain management.  ("Hypnotism: It's all in the mind". 30/1/07, Independent Newspaper, UK) 

Fertility and Childbirth

Over the years there have been several clients who were trying to get pregnant but having no success.  Of course there can be any number of factors affecting fertility but in some cases clients have told me a little help from hypnotherapy has made all the difference. 

Self hypnosis and a positive attitude can also be a great help in preparation for childbirth and during birthing.  

Sexual Issues

Sexual problems can manifest in many ways such as lack of arousal, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation.  Using hypnotherapy to become more confident and relaxed can help signicantly to improve things for men and women.  Sometimes in addition we need to help to sort out old traumas and past difficulties.  Other issues include addiction to pornography.

Emotional Issues

Sometimes we have trauma or old emotion eg grief, guilt, anger or shame etc. that has not been fully processed.  Learning to understand and resolve feelings can make a big difference to how we feel and act, and in particular how we are in our relationships.  Anger too is a common problem, often directed at the people who are closest.  Clients are sometimes highly sensitive people (HSP) and of course emotional sensitivity can be a gift and as well as a challenge.  Hypnotherapy and NLP can help to sort out and let go by working directly with subconscious issues.


There are many forms of addiction including smoking, alcohol, gambling, as well as drugs  computer and video games, mobile phones, coffee, chocolate, coca cola, sugar, shopping, sex, pornography, spending money etc.   Many people have used hypnotherapy and NLP to help overcome their addictions.

Drugs for some people are a nuisance – for others they are much more serious.  Marijuana for example is very commonly used and some people can take it or leave it.  But some have a habit of smoking every day or even several times a day.  The consequences drugs - such as P and synthetic cannabis - can be disasterous.  Learning to change your mind about the habit and being committed to being free can make all the difference.

Chocolate addiction can be expensive, unhealthy, cause weight and skin problems and be a nuisance. Clients have felt so much better giving up addictions to chocolate, as well as coke and coffee. 

Computer and games addictions are becoming increasingly common especially in young people.  For some hours can pass by every day using computers, games and mobile phones.  These habits and addictions can affect study, work and relationships and are often a worry for parents. 


Improving Health

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