Weight Loss - Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and NLP with Dave Gilbert PhD in Auckland NZ

Many clients use hypnotherapy, NLP & self hypnosis for natural weight loss.  The focus might be healthy eating, regular exercise or both. 

Manage Weight the Natural Way

Dave encourages clients to lose weight according to natural principles. Gradually developing a lifestyle that combines a healthy diet, wise eating and regular exercise is the recipe that works best for most people.  Using visualisation can be a powerful part of the process to show your subconcious how you want to be.  Some people just developed bad habits, for others underlying emotional patterns have created the weight problem.  Resolving them can make all the difference.

Letting Go of Bad Habits

Eating and drinking the wrong sort of things can be as bad as having too much.  Some people say it is a habit, other say its more like an addiction eg chocolate.  Getting motivated and being strongly committed is often important.  Many people have used hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to let go of old habits such as too much chocolate, lollies, junk food, sugary drinks, binge eating etc and develop a healthy diet and stay in control.

Wise and Healthy Eating

It can take practice to get used to healthy eating but if feels so good when we do - so you may as well get started.  Learning to enjoy giving to your body the right amount of good quality nutrition helps to develop natural appetite control.  Getting wound up about things can make matters worse so developing a relaxed but smart attitude to food is important.  Some clients have found using a visualised adjustable gastric band helpful in managing appetitie.

Motivation for Exercise

Planning, getting organised and getting on with it.  Exercise is more fun the fitter you are - so it can just keep getting better. Using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP can help to increase exercise motivation. So get inspired and motivated to exercise regularly and enjoy it more.


Losing Weight

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"7 kgs lost so far and in the last week I have completely stopped craving/eating the random 'junk' in the afternoons." F 2016

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