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I have been providing Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP services since 1988 - first in the UK and for many years now in NZ.  Many of my clients have been referred by previous clients; also by doctors, therapists or other health care professionals.  I have worked with over 2,000 clients from referrals in Auckland  More about Dave....   Here are some comments from a few of my clients.


  • .... an update on the appointment I had with you on the 5th of July.  I came .... to stop drinking, I am pleased to tell you I haven't had a drink of alcohol since that day which was over 3 months ago, I am so happy with the outcome.  Thank you so much for your help, you are the best.  C 2022

  • "Message for Dave Gilbert - I had an appointment with you on May 23rd [2017] and I have been cigarette free from that hour onwards!  After 40+ years of smoking this approach was my last hope so I'm very grateful.  There is no going back now.  I can't thank you enough."  R 2017.   "Dear Dave,  Just an another update to report that I am now 2 years free of cigarettes after my session with you in 2017. Thank you so much!!  After 40 years as a smoker I had no idea how I would ever manage to be rid of that addiction and all the health consequences that had begun to really dig in.  .....  Truly astounding, amazing, and life-saving."  R 2019

  • Thank you so much for your time last Wednesday.  I certainly had my first good night’s sleep – what a treat.  And no pills!!   You have also reminded me to be a little more assertive, which has also worked!  C 2024

  • Dear David  You are truly MAGIC.  I haven't gambled even once since our appointment.  I have been listening to the recording daily and it's so helpful and uplifting.  Can we please cancel my appointment tomorrow, as I feel very confident with my recovery. …..Thank you once again.  You have saved my life!  Google Review: I gambled online every single day for almost 10 years, and I hated myself for it. I was resigned to being a compulsive gambler, with no financial future, for the rest of my life, totally hopeless. Today I'm 22 days completely gamble free!!! I had one hypnotherapy session with Dave Gilbert and ever since then - have not gambled and will never gamble again. Words can't describe how good it feels to be free from such a nasty addiction. The recorded meditation Dave created for me - is fantastic - 15min of positive and uplifting reasons why I will be gamble - free, always! I highly recommend Dave Gilbert to anybody who is struggling to cope in life. No matter what the problem - I strongly believe Dave can help!  K 2024

  • "Getting a good nights sleep has always been a challenge for me.  Restless legs syndrome (RLS), insomnia and on occasions sleep paralysis made for a vicious combination that was a reality for me most nights.  Over the years I have tried just about everything you could imagine with little to no relief.  By mid March it was clear that I had hit rock bottom.  I had now left my job from exhaustion and was struggling to see any light at the end of the tunnel.  I still remember walking out of Dave’s office that afternoon just knowing that things were going to change. And they did.  My sleeping issues are now a thing of the past and for the first time I feel like I'm enjoying the benefits of sleep.  I will forever be grateful to Dave for changing my life.  His work and delivery are truly remarkable.  Thank you ever so much."  M 2019

  • "Dave is an excellent NLP and hypnosis practitioner.  My wife, my son and I have all gone to him for 3 very different things and the improvement has been remarkable after just 1 session.  If you are worried about hypnosis, it's effectively like a guided meditation where you are present and aware during it, then you get a recording afterwards to help embed the learnings."  Mark J, Google Review 2022

  • "Dear Dave, ..... A massive thanks for your help and expertise.  You set me up so well to cease vaping.  I go days without even thinking about it now.  Thank you ...."  L 2021

  • "I thought I’d drop you a note and let you know that the hypnosis has worked really well. Completely stopped any urge to drink and seems to remove even the thought of it. I had to listen to the recording a few times before I saw a noticeable difference but from there it seems to be cumulative."  D 2022

  • "Hi David I’m just on my way back from [holiday] after an incredible week on “the boat”!  I want to thank you for all your help – I cannot believe how easy it was for me – I was swimming off the boat, tried snorkelling for the first time and also sailed in some pretty rough seas off the Atlantic – and I was not bothered one iota!   I can’t believe how much you helped me overcome my fear of boats.  I sat on the deck in the pitching and rolling and was perfectly fine!  It was an incredible holiday, and made possible by you!  I can’t thank you enough!"  R 2019

  • "Dave....I have visited you on 3 occasions recently for help with a speech impediment which has been part of my life for 66 years.  I feel so positive about the future - to know that I CAN speak clearly is really pretty exciting.....miraculous in fact...thank you so much."  S 2017

  • "I came to see you shortly after my second miscarriage and I knew I needed to work on a more balanced, less fearful, fertile and confident subconscious to help in my fertility journey.  I went on to be pregnant again a few months after this and had a very healthy and happy baby boy.  I think that your hypnosis really helped to change my mindset and I still listen a couple of times a week even now when I feel out of balance.  Just wanted to let you know that what you do is so helpful and I appreciate your help on my journey so far.  Thanks again for your wonderful service."  M 2020

  • "I would like to say thank you so much for your help.  When I saw you for the first time, I haven’t been sleeping for weeks and felt exhausted.  After my session with you, I felt like a heavy burden has been lifted off me.  I listened to the recording you made for me and fell asleep instantly.  I listened to this every night.  You taught me how to open up my heart and feel the pain so it will pass and not stay.  You taught me tricks so I can cope with my anxiety.  Just the sound of your voice relaxes my mind and heart.   Thank you again."  M 2018

  • "It was part of the metaphor deployed during hypnosis which instantly, seemingly miraculously, ended my toxic and abusive relationship with vaping.  It's been five weeks since I went to see hypnotherapist Dave Gilbert.  Five weeks since I last had a puff on a vape."  From an article by Tova O'Brien in TodayFM 16 March 2022.

  • [After getting back in control of alcohol] ... “All is well with me, so I won’t at this stage request to have the appointment rescheduled. Thank you so much for all your help. Life is amazing!!”  L 2016

  • "Hi Dave - I just want to say thank you so much for helping me and my husband! You’ve completely changed our lives! It’s not only about our relationship, but also the way we communicate with each other and other people as well. Our life is so positive and bright now. I am so grateful that we found you, you’ve turned our life around. Just like you’ve told me, when I become better, all the other good things starting to follow me. After the lowest period in my life, I am feeling lucky again. You are such a magician! You have no idea how much I appreciated your help! Now I look back, I can’t imagine how my life would be now if I hadn’t met you! Thank you so much! "  J 2015

  •  "I have been alcohol free since the session with you [4 months ago] and feel really good... thank you."   J 2016

  • "Dave has helped me quit two habits that I have carried for over twenty years in two Hypnotherapy sessions.  His honest and gentle manner made me feel at peace, to talk openly about my habits... His follow up recorded sessions are great to listen to in my down time to keep the focus on eradicating the issues I sought help for.  I would recommend him to anyone, simply brilliant... I wish I had met him 10 years ago." H 2019

  • "Thanks so much for changing my perspective on heights. Since I saw you 8 weeks ago I have been to the top of the Auckland Skytower, on the rollercoaster at Rainbow’s End, walked to the very top of St Pauls and Sacre Coeur Cathedrals, done the London Eye, The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumphe and have had a tree top walk. I’m amazed. 50+ years of fear of heights wiped out .... Thanks sooooo much."  D 2013

  • "I also wanted to Thank you so much for my hypnosis session I had with you about a year ago.  I was about to go in for a major operation and have 6 months of chemotherapy and I am absolutely sure I got through it so positively by listening to the tape you made me.  I listened to it every morning and night and sometimes during the day .....  I was terrified of having chemotherapy but through your hypnosis I actually ended up enjoying it and looked forward to the treatments.  I certainly wouldn't of felt that way normally.  So huge thanks again!"  Diana M 2018

  • "Dave has turned my life around and saved my relationship. I’ve battled with emotional issues for years and my issues around sexuality were destroying my relationship. I came to Dave as a last resort after trying pills, medications and therapy. In hopes to be able to handle being intimate with my partner. I should have come to him first. Not only am I able to enjoy and actually want to be intimate, but he has entirely changed my life. He has enabled me to be happy, guided me to be the “next versions of me”. In only months I have gone from being content just to survive and plod along, overweight, struggling with BPD, and unable to be intimate to being happy, to be the me that I want to be and able to save and improve my relationship. His work has meant the world to me. I cannot say thank you enough."  J 2015

  • "Just writing to say a big thank you, its been around 12 days now and I haven't touched one cigarette …. I’ve kept to my social life, i.e. i have been to the pub 3 times and I have been fine.  Your method has made it very easy..."  Bob 2021

  • "I have visited Dave a number of times over the years for various issues that have arisen and have had absolutely life changing results.  I often think about all the hours, days, weeks and even years spent trying to analyse and resolve these issues on my own becoming more frustrated and depressed.  Then visiting Dave and walking away with a completely different feeling in my mind and body, immediately changing behaviours that seemed an impossible feat.  He has enabled me to fly without crippling panic attacks.  I've since been on two long haul flights which I would never been able to consider attempting before working with him.  I have also more recently worked with him in regard to my drinking habits and that has also made a huge difference to the quality of life for myself and also my partner.  Thank you so much Dave."  D 2016

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I have been smoke free for 55 days now and I am so happy that my hypnotherapy worked…  I never thought I would be a non-smoker again but quitting was so easy with the hypnotherapy."  L 2017

  • "I'm emailing to say Thanks!  I woke up with a Huge smile on my face which I am wearing proudly.  The words that came into my head ... 'Its good to be me!'  It's an awesome feeling - thank you..."  L 2017

  • "I have been listening to your recording on my phone every night and it has been immensely helpful.  I have had a huge shift in my emotional status and am at peace with things in my life.  ..... The stress does not effect me like it used to."  K 2017

  • “Thank you for giving me a normal life again. Since I came to see you last month, the Chronic Pain Syndrome that I’ve endured since contracting Legionnaires Disease in 2005 has reduced greatly. Prior to seeing you the pain level would be be anywhere between 4 to 7 or 8 or 9 out of 10. Some days it totally incapacitated me. I sought treatment from many sources without success. After 2 visits with you, I have no pain or less than 3 out of 10 (which is bearable and needs no medication). Therefore the 8 paracetamol I took daily are no longer necessary.... Thank you for the new life I have now, I look and feel younger and happier. My family say that my voice is brighter and clearer, louder and happier. What more could I want?”  A 2014

  • “I would sincerely like to thank you for healing my son. After five months of being in and out of hospital, seeing 27 specialists, doctors and medical students, being assigned to the chronic pain team and our son being heavily medicated we were at our wits end. Through out our very stressful situation we tried a wide range of treatments but nothing worked. After two sessions with you his chronic pain is completely gone and we have our little boy back. I was very impressed with the way you dealt with him with your magnificent manner and the way your really understood his personality and now he is pain free which is incredible. Thank you so much, this is the best present ever.”  K 2014

  • “After suffering extremely heavy periods and anemia for a number of years I was looking for some kind of a healing treatment besides the recommended hysterectomy. I read in a very aged yoga book that a womans menstrual problems are in her head and that hypnotherapy can work for some people. As I knew a couple of career smokers that Dave had cured I went along for a treatment with an open mind. The treatment was not instant but over a couple of months things improved dramatically and I no longer need surgery. Thank you Dave.”  E 2014

  • “Your session [with our son] has been a resounding success in having him sleeping in his own bed through the night. He has used your CD nightly to great effect and only a couple of wake ups over the past 3 weeks have required him to return to his room to listen again. He has slept through all other nights until morning!!”  K 2014

  • “I just want to … say how helpful Dave’s hypnotherapy treatment was for me. I went from being an absolute mess at the mere thought of flying to being able to fly twice in 3 days without even really thinking about it. Thanks so much for all your help. The treatment also had the added side effect that I feel much more calm and comfortable within myself and have lost my phobia of spiders ... Thank you again.” S 2012

  • “With a combination of curiosity, hope, desperation and a fair degree of scepticism, I went to see Dave about my sleeping issues. Sleep had been a problem for me for many years and was at the stage where it was becoming a day time and night time obsession. Dave’s manner soon put me at ease and I particularly appreciated his intelligent and informative approach. After one session with Dave I slept! It felt like a miracle. I don’t fully know why or how this change happened so quickly but it felt like magic and I am extremely thankful to Dave.”  M 2011

  • An article in the Herald on Sunday Living magazine  reports on a client session for better sleep.

  • Earlydays i know BUT, i saw Dave only yesterday, 1st visit, i wake up the next morning from 10 plus years on prescribed medication and xtra medication over the counter that i shuldnt have mixed....i was addicted 8 sometimes 10 pills 4 times a day everyday, to the point i had to bribe family and friends to buy for me and send to me from afar becos my name was on the system gosh how deperate i was to find help....when i left daves clinic i was feeling good but in my mind i thought how long would this good last...i walked by 2 chemist without a flinch that was so different for me usually i would stop and make any excuse to buy my usual, then i jumped on the bus headed back to the airport to catch my flight home, hubby piked me up and asked how did it go, i stil wasnt sure but by the time id got home from daves clinic i would have had taken 20 pills by then but weirdly enough i hadnt.....anyway so i get home sit there and in my mind wait for the pain, nope pain hasnt come back yet ok so i fall into the deepest sleep ever....and the next morning i wake up my usual rountine head for the meds, but nope i feel nothing but relaxed....i know sorry long story but i have not felt like this in yonks i stil dont believe it myself.......thankyou dave im lost for words next visit probably wont be what i came for yesterday but maybe for something else...cya then!  Noi E, Google Review 2018

  • After 20 years of being a professional drinker (yes, there’s such a thing, and I was indeed good at it) and numerous failed attempts at trying to cut back or quit alcohol. I decided to try Hypnotherapy…. Following my initial session with Dave, I have been alcohol-free for 12 months, and I no longer feel the urge to drink at all. To say that my hypnotherapy sessions have been life-changing would be an understatement. No more hangovers, or waking up in the morning worrying about what the hell I had done the night before. I have surplus time, I’m exponentially more productive, healthier, and wealthier! Oh, and by the way, nobody cares if you’re drinking or not!!! It’s drinkers fallacy to believe otherwise!  S. 2020

  • “Just wanted to let you know that [his] memory has fully returned. Who knows what was blocking it but whatever it was you have unlocked it - Thanks”. [Substantial memory loss following a head injury, 2013.]

  • “Thank you so much for turning my life around. I have battled for the last two years or more with drinking, once I started I couldn’t stop! .... I was getting in a desperate situation and the fear of losing my family my job my health and my dignity was an enormity. .... Sadly I had been given the wrong information about hypnosis and Alcohol and was told it didn’t work. I would have done it years ago if I had of known. I walked out of your office and haven’t had a yearning to have a drink since. Thank you so very much.”  A 2014

  • “I went to see Dave in January 2010 for help with stopping smoking & since that session I have been smoke free for going on nearly six months and I am so pleased I wanted to write and express my sincere gratitude to Dave he is amazing. I feel so much more alive than I can explain in fact I do not know when I even had the time to smoke!!”  M 2010

  • “I have been to see Dave on a number of occasions over the past two years. I sought his professional guidance to enable me to make personal changes and for self growth. Throughout this time I have had amazing results and have been astounded on how the changes have become permanent. I have seen Dave not only for my personal development but also as a business coach and mentor. Dave is professional, genuine and down to earth and I continue to meet with him.”  S

  • “I saw David for two visits to cure my fear of blood and passing out, about 2005 or 2006. I had great success with this and have had a tattoo and numerous blood tests and two minor operations with no worry since the therapy. I still can’t believe that something could actually remove the only thought process I knew around blood and needles etc. Such an empowering feeling to know you can conquer a fear. When I volunteer myself for a blood test now, I walk out with a sense of great achievement! Thanks to your therapy.”  S 2012

  • "Just a quick note to say that I really appreciate everything you have done for me so far.  Day 51 alcohol free and I know that I'll never drink again.  I'm so much happier & healthier without it.  7 kgs lost so far and in the last week I have completely stopped craving/eating the random 'junk' in the afternoons.  Since we last met I've been up at 5:15am working on my own business; I go to work with a feeling of achievement before my day has really started. Thank you so much!!"  F 2016

  • “I went to Dave to help with my sleeping and the resistance I experienced every time I sat down to write (something I very much wanted to do and enjoyed once I was into it). That resistance has gone - completely - and my sleep is much improved. I keep going to hypnotherapy for the clarity and value it brings to my life.”  M

  • “I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘a healthy mind is a healthy body’. Dave Gilbert has helped me deal with some physical symptoms of I.B.S through tapping into new resources inside myself, and using methods of self control through clearing the mind. He gave me some great techniques for positive thought processes and methods of practicing therapy with self hypnosis exercises. I will continue to use these methods for not only my symptoms of I.B.S, but also for my day to day life.”  Mr W

  • “I learnt to drive late in life. When I finally felt comfortable enough to sit my practical, I was frustrated to find that although normally comfortable when driving, when it came to the test I had extreme anxiety. I sat the test twice, and both times suffered from a mild anxiety attack where I could not drive and had the shakes. This was how I ended up trying hypnotherapy for the first time. I visited Dave, who is incredibly calm and personable and professional. I found hypnotherapy with Dave to be a wonderfully relaxing, and effective, form of treatment for my phobia; one which I no longer suffer from.”  N







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"I have been alcohol free since the session [4 months ago] and feel really good.... thank you."J 2016

"... I just want to say thank you for helping me and my husband. You've completely changed our lives!" J 2015

"... I have been smoke free now for 55 days and I am so happy ..." L 2017

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