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Phobias are defined as irrational fears and clients who come to see me for Fear of Flying generally accept logically that compared with many other things in life flying is not a significant concern. However, their emotional response is a different story. The conscious, logical mind is saying one thing, the subconscious emotional mind saying another generating anxiety, panic and fear.

There are a great many types of phobia including the fear of driving over the harbour bridge, fear of needles or blood, fear of being sick and fear of heights. The flying phobia can be about plane travel in general or it can be claustrophobia, fear of being ill, or fear of turbulence, taking off or landing.  

Often the fear started on a previous flight and then became a phobia. Typical causes are that someone else was fearful eg mum or dad, or they have experienced a bumpy ride from turbulence or plane descending too quickly. For some clients there was no particular scary event.

Using hypnotherapy and NLP, I have helped a number of clients to fly more comfortably. As one client said -

 "I just want to … say how helpful Dave's hypnotherapy treatment was for me. I went from being an absolute mess at the mere thought of flying to being able to fly twice in 3 days without even really thinking about it. Thanks so much for all your help. The treatment also had the added side effect that I feel much more calm and comfortable within myself ….”   S. 2012


Feeling Calmer

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What Clients Say

"I went from being an absolute mess at the mere thought of flying to being able to fly twice in 3 days..." S 2012

"He has enabled me to fly without crippling panic attacks. I've since been on two long haul flights..." D 2016

"Thanks so much for changing my perspective on heights." D 2013

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