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Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP Coaching have been used to help achieve goals in many areas of life including sport, study and exams, interviews and at work.  Accessing the inner resources required to be successful and working with any blocks that might have been getting in the way are often the keys to success.

Sports Performance

Sports performance is often dependent on consistently maintaining the right frame of mind.  I have worked with clients involved in a range of sports including golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, swimming, bowls, triathlon, ironman, running, badminton, football.  Hypnotherapy and NLP can help with motivation, focus, concentration, self belief, confidence, clear mindedness and that all important inner calmness.  Self hypnosis is also widely used to help develop and maintain a winners mindset.

Achievement in Study & Exams, Memory

Most if not all the clients who come for help with study and exams are actually very capable – the task is to help them to reach more of their potential.  I have worked with children, teenagers and adults to develop more effect study systems for both for exams and assignments.  The principles are based on how we focus, concentrate and remember things naturally in every day life.  For some, motivation, confidence and self-belief are what’s needed most, for others a smarter system of working can make all the difference.

Interview Success

Many people say they are nervous at interviews and this if often because they focus on themselves rather than what the interviewer wants to see and hear.  Hypnotherapy and NLP can help with developing both the skills and confidence to present yourself and your abilities more effectively.

Achieving Goals at Work

I’ve often been asked to help clients to be better organized and more effective at work. Getting clear on what is most important and prioritizing tasks is usually the first step followed by becoming more efficient in time management.  Hypnotherapy and NLP can be used to help with these issues as well as with motivation, confidence, focus (and avoiding procrastination).  I have also helped clients in working better with others including communication skills, assertiveness and dealing with bullying.

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Achieving Goals

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